4x5 Project


train train shot on 4x5 film
Valley Railroad 40 running at night shot on Kodak Tmax 400

4x5 Project

Mar 08, 2015

Its time to start collecting images on film. 35mm isn't going to cut it and 120 seems like a fair trade. Like so many railroad photographer who came before me: 4x5 seemed like a really good idea. I found a Linhof view camera in Troy for $120, replaced its bellows, and found a good 150mm lens. Shutter synced up with the strobes nicely. However, a view camera is completely impractical in the field: its big, there are tons of knobs and fittings to snag and you can't set it down on the ground.


4x5 linholf kargen in a railroad yard at night
Testing the Linhof 4x5 in the rail yard
I briefly considered cutting the view camera's rail down so I could fit it in a reasonably small pelican case. However, Linhof no longer makes that particular rail and I couldn't bring myself to destroy it. So I set out to build myself a point and shoot camera built around an aluminum box and a 150mm lens. It will be built with the needs of remote, night photography in mind and I hope to have some example images soon.