Farm at West Rutland

Farm at West Rutland

Aug 05, 2014

I tried shooting this location and instead of getting an image like this one I got soaked: fell into the Castleton River. If you’ve ever seen the Castleton River, you know just what an insult this is. It looks like a swamp. Maybe you’ll just get your boots wet. LOL, NOPE. Somehow there are tufts of grass right next to six-foot-deep water!


Failed attempt: poor lighting and a swim in the river

Stephannie and I returned the next week and tried again. She was up at the camera and I fiddled with the lights, 1500’ feet away, while we communicated over cell phone. It was a cold night (in august, even!) but nobody got soaked and we got the shot.

The tracks follow a small river here - three strobes were placed on an old trolley line on the bank opposite the train. The light out of the left side of the frame was mounted on a 30’ tower. The other two were evenly spaced through the 500’ of track and were hidden behind brush. One big light was used on the barn and four little ones softened the shadows.